Pélerinage en Inde – Pilgrimage Feb. 2014

Pilgrimage to India & Nepal Feb. 2014

Chom Tong International Meditation centers organizes this year again a pilgrimage to the Four Holy Places in India and NepalIt is possible to take part in the whole trip as well as in each part by itself. Everybody is most welcome to join.

Most Venerable Ajahn Tong will come to Bodhgaya on February, 20th and there will be the chance for temporary ordination as a “Samanera” (novice monk) as well as a “Maechee” (white-robed 8 precept-nun) for the time of the pilgrimage. Depending on his duties and responsibilites Most Venerable Ajahn Tong might be able stay with us for about 3 to 5 days while being in Bodhgaya.

For any further questions and registration please contact Samaneri Silavaddhani. Before booking flights please also contact her, to make sure everything is fitting to the schedule and meeting points:
+49 1778109495 or silavaddhani@yahoo.de.