Retraite aux US – English speakers only

Vipassana Retreat in Georgia, U.S.A. (15.11.2014 – 29.11.2014)

Most Ven. Somdet Phra Buddha Jinawons is a highly respected and very high-ranking Thai monk. He is a great supporter of Ven. Ajahn Tong and the Vipassana meditation. Many of you will remember that in 2012, 2013 and 2014 he invited some of our Elder teachers to lead a meditation retreat in his meditation center in Khorat, Thailand. Now the Venerable has been offered a place in Georgia, U.S.A. with the intention to conduct meditation courses and build up a meditation center there. Out of this reason Most Ven. Somdet Phra Buddha Jinawons, Most Ven. Phradhammangalajahn (Ven. Ajahn Tong) together with the great and generous supporter Khun Ying Somnurk Prem Wattana invited Khun Thanat and Khun Kathryn to organize a meditation course there.

The course will be joined together by Ven. Phrakhrubhavanabidhan (Phra Ajahn Ofer), Khun Thanat & Khun Kathryn and Hildegard Huber as well as senior students from U.S., Canada and Mexico. Furthermore any experienced meditators who finished already the Basic Course and preferential also one retreat are most welcome to participate. Anyone who wants to join, please register with Samaneri Sila.

Schedule Location & Travel arrangements

Participants have to arrange their flights and travel by themselves and arrive in Jacksonville (JAX), Florida on November 15th, 2014. From Jacksonville Airport it is a two-hour drive to the center. It is possible to arrange meeting points and organize shared transport from the airport to the center on November 15th. Please make sure before booking to contact Samaneri Silavaddhani and adjust your travel arrangements and bookings, so we can help you to arrange shared transports and/ or pick-ups.

The meditation center is located in the nature and affiliated to the Thai temple Wat Hathainares. The address is: Wat Hathainares 7398 Swamp Rd, Waycross, GA 31503, USA Participants also should take care to find out in due time if they need to apply for a U.S. visa. Every participant is responsible for visa application by him-/ herself, but if documents like invitation letter etc. are needed please contact Samaneri Silavaddhani. Several European countries take part in the so-called Visa Waiver Program and if the person is holding an electronic passport that fulfills certain requirements no visa, but a registration with the Electronic System for Travel Organization: is needed. Date Activity
Sat, 15.11. : Arrival in Jacksonville, Florida (JAX) and transport to the center; warm-up
Sun, 16.11.: Opening ceremony
Sun, 16.11.- Fri, 28.11.: Retreat
Fri, 28.11.: Closing ceremony
Sat, 29.11.: Departure

Accomodation & What to bring

On the site are two buildings. One is serving as a temple and monk accommodation, the other one is the meditation center and accommodation for laypeople. The accommodation will take place in simple dormitories with shared bathrooms (men and women separated). Everybody should bring an own sleeping bag and camping/ sleeping/ yoga mat as beds, mattresses and sleeping equipment might not yet be sufficient for everybody.

Furthermore everybody should bring meditation pillow(s), meditation blanket and sitting mat as needed as well as a digital timer and alarm clock. For sleeping equipment and clothing please note that according to the statistics the temperatures in November during the day are at an average of 22 degree Celsius and in the night can go down to an average of 10 degree Celsius. Warm clothing and heavy warm socks for the evenings, nights and early mornings are also recommended. Costs The stay in the meditation center and the course is run on donation base; furthermore costs for the transport from Jacksonville Airport to the center have to be covered from the participants by themselves.

Meditation centers and courses like this give us a chance to train our mind in a structured and guided frame. Though there is no fee, recommendation and everybody shall have the possibility to take part whatever his material background is – participants should be aware that if there isn’t enough support of meditation centers with donations, maybe they can’t cover the running costs in future. Students should yet consider that our valued teachers give all their effort, time and life for the Dhamma and the teaching of the Vipassana meditation and don’t have any income besides voluntary donations from the meditators. Please note: As the meditation center is in the nature and remote, no ATM is available nearby. Please make sure to bring enough cash money for donations and possible necessary costs.

Registration & further information

Please register with Samaneri Silavaddhani: or +49 177 8109495.

Please also contact before booking, to adjust your travel schedule and arrival in Jacksonville (JAX), Florida.